" My strength and muscle tone has improved dramatically after only 3 months of training. Looking slim and fit is a plus, but by far the greatest benefit is how great I feel about myself.”
- Marilyn Copland, Victoria’s 1994 Masters Athlete of the year
Winner of 2 gold and 3 silver medals in the 1994 Masters world rowing championships

" If you are considering getting a Personal Trainer, I highly recommend One to One Fitness. I am a marathon runner and was a long-term client of Sherry’s. Her intense, but fun classes enabled me to build up my core strength, weight and cross train safely, and ultimately knock 30 minutes off my marathon time in only 6 months. Her many years of training and experience enabled her to properly assess my needs, level of fitness and design a programme that worked best for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the small, intimate work out classes, and the personal attention she gave me in a relaxed but energetic environment. It also gave me the opportunity to meet some new people and make new friends. Sherry is always extremely supportive of my endeavours and has helped me push myself to make sure I achieved my goals. It ‘s the first time I ‘ve ever looked forward to a workout, not dreaded it – this I believe, is the highest recommendation of all! "
- Glenn Cohen, age 46, Vancouver

“Three years ago I started strength training with Sherry and One to One. I wanted to keep well so as not to be a health burden to my family and society, also for my own self esteem. I got it all and more from Sherry. I am feeling great, fat has turned to muscle and I do get many compliments on how much younger I look; at 83 this makes me feel good! Sherry’s program has enhanced my energy level, my flexibility, and my self-esteem."
- Eve Humphrys, 83 years old, Vancouver

" Sherry was my Personal Trainer for more than two years while she was living in Vancouver. Unfortunately, she relocated and that is the only reason she is not my trainer. Together, we were able to achieve terrific results but more important than my physical changes, Sherry brought her personality and her professionalism each time we trained. She always showed such a sincere interest in my well-being and used her talents to get me to do my routines when most of the time, like most people, I was not in the mood to do them. It is her personality that makes the difference, her smile and perseverance that makes her a skilled and talented trainer. As such, I give Sherry my utmost reference and would encourage any person considering a trainer to utilize Sherry. It can make a world of difference."
- Gerry Lev , Age 57 President LTS Leaderboard Tournament Systems, Vancouver

" Sherry Ulaszonek is not only the best trainer I know, but she is also my mother. Throughout my life she has kept our family fit and active. Throughout teenage hormones and two pregnancies she's always been there to keep me looking my best with her fun, evolving and challenging fitness regimens. I know my mom has spent years perfecting which muscles and exercises are key to maintaining ones womanly (hourglass) shape. Her workouts make my body not just strong, but sexier too. I wouldn't trust any other trainer. "
- Terra Hanna, Mother, Actor, Yogini, Vancouver

*Sherry did the impossible! She made fitness fun, effective and a highlight in my busy, overcrowded life!
- Leigh Badgley, Producer/Director, Vancouver

Throughout my athletic career, I always wanted a Personal Trainer but could not really afford one. When I found One To One Fitness, I was impressed instantly. One to One Fitness was what I hoped it would be, people to socialize with yet personal attention. The classes are small, Sherry is personable and knowledgeable. A variety of exercises revolve around free weights, Swedish Ball and Medicine Ball. I have worked out on my own and been involved with Boot Camps and find this is the perfect solution. You are in doors, it’s heated, there’s no rain and little, if any down time between exercises. I am getting stronger and my hockey game has improved considerably. I have been going for the last 4 months and I foresee being there a lot longer.
- Glenn Bedard, Teacher, Victoria

*Working out with Sherry not only increased my strength and energy, but it prevents me from getting injured in my work. Everything, even my skin looks better!
- Deborah Trudel, Owner, Belise Garden Designs, Vancouver

*Sherry did the impossible – she took me from huffing and puffing around the block to running the Honolulu Marathon. She did this with great patience and professionalism, wonderful humor and a sense of commitment above and beyond the call of duty. She made exercise fun again!”
- Wayne Melvin, Investor Relations, Vancouver

My name is Jacquie, I am a grandmother who has worked out and run for years (marathoner), in fact I worked as a trainer for 8 years in a gym. But Sherry has made the biggest difference in my workouts. She is my motivation; she knows my weakness and troubled areas and goes for it. She comes with my highest recommendation.’
- Jacquie Stannard, Sydney

"I have been going to Sherry's classes for three months and am delighted at the results: I am stronger, feel better and look better! Sherry is very knowledgeable and her small classes ensure that she can monitor each student to make sure he or she is doing each exercise correctly. She is also very flexible and adds exercises to meet individual needs. Classes are always varied and Sherry ensures the whole body gets a workout. I'm impressed!"
- Aalie Grootheest, Age 54 profession: Lawyer, Victoria

*Since I started working out at Sherry's One to One Fitness Studio, I have not only lost weight and inches; my upper body strength has improved immeasurably. Her studio is well equipped and has the added advantage of an outdoor garden area for fair weather workouts. She leads you through the various programs in a friendly, relaxed manner, while being careful to provide individual attention to each client.
- Joan Jamieson, age 74, Victoria

" I give Sherry's strength training program all the credit for helping me to enjoy and to improve such activities as tennis, swimming, skiing, golf and rowing. It has allowed me to be injury-free and I am no longer stiff at the beginning of ski season."
- Marily Mearns, Vancouver, Occupation: Mother of 3 boys
Director, owner of family business (commercial real estate developer).

*I believe One To One Fitness offers the most intensive, results oriented training available. Sherry's combination of cardio and strength training has allowed me to lose more than 20 pounds in the last 4 months. I have seen my metabolism skyrocket, and am stronger now then I have ever been in my life. Sherry's approach has challenged me to work hard, and her small class sizes are great. I particularly appreciate her creative approach to fitness, and her willingness to incorporate new techniques into our workouts. It keeps things fresh, and never boring.
- Jennifer Farry, Victoria

*Sherry truly has been given a gift. I needed a program that worked for me. Physically, I was no runner; I wanted to have fun within my time schedule/budget. My biggest desire of all though was to see results... and she tailored an excellent program for me. She helped to instill fitness into my lifestyle, which I continue to this day. I will be forever grateful.
- Maureen Kehoe, age 40 President Mekka Sales, Vancouver

*I love Sherry’s classes! Her strength training classes are totally upbeat and vigorous (and FUN). She pushes hard (but not TOO hard.) The yoga classes compliment her challenging Pilates classes and weight training classes, by keeping the students flexible and relaxed. Sherry is a wonderful motivator who likes to push us to our boundaries in her Pilates classes and strength classes but at the same time she has a beautiful soothing voice with which to enjoy her lovely soothing yoga classes. I recommend her classes to anyone either living in Victoria or drop in to a class, if you’re just visiting Victoria. You’ll be glad you did!!
- Sunny Trim, Owner Vancouver Corporate Yoga , Victoria

*Seven years ago, Sherry’s enthusiasm for leading an active life led me to take up strength training and running under her professional guidance. Starting with a walk/run program that led to longer and longer runs, we eventually took on the challenge of running the Honolulu marathon. Together, step-by-step, we gazed at the beautiful scenery, endured the heat, and crossed the finish line! Ever since Sherry encouraged me to “get active”, regular cardio and strength training activities have been integral components of my lifestyle. Not only has my physical body benefited but my mental health is strong and I am much better at coping with stress.
- Gail Hammond, Registered Dietitian, Vancouver BC

*About 7 years ago I met Sherry while training to run the Sun Run. She then inspired me to train with her at her studio. And I have subsequently not looked back! At my age of 52 I have kept up the training, thanks to her and am fitter than I have ever been. I have run over 14 half’s and 3 marathons and now also train others. She has been an inspiration. Training with Sherry has been fun, productive and very fruitful. I would highly recommend her as a trainer because she is good for your body, your spirit and your sense of humor!
- Nazreen Suhner, Designer, Vancouver

My name is Brook Sanderson. I am 25-year-old registered massage therapist. Before I began training with Sherry I was nervous about overworking my upper body by using weights. I couldn't have been more wrong. Sherry's classes have helped my posture by strengthening my back and I now feel balance has been restored to my body. Not to mention the results are quick and the definition looks great! Sherry is great at tailoring the workouts to meet my individual needs. I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to shape up and improve their posture.
- Brook Sanderson, Registered Massage Therapist

*I have been a client of One to One Fitness for two years now and have referred many of my clients to Sherry. She is extremely knowledgeable in dealing with rehabilitation of injuries and building core strength. Within only a few sessions I have observed remarkable improvement in my clients
that have seen Sherry. I continue to attend Sherry's classes and will happily recommend her to any of my clients.
- Shandria Phillips, Registered Massage Therapist. Age 26, Victoria

"I trained with Sherry for over 4 years and within the first 3 months under her guidance it produced excellent results. I completed a 9-day mountain adventure in the B.C. backcountry carrying a 55lb pack and I ran my first 10K. 2 months later, Sherry's fitness training was instrumental in me running in my first marathon and completing it in 3hrs & 52mins."
- Sachin Poovaiah, QA Manager, age 32, Vancouver

" I believe that your environment determines future lifestyles; I was raised in an environment that nurtured the importance of health and exercise without really realizing it, to me it was just the way of life. I first realized that not everyone is exercise conscious when my mom put on a workshop on exercise and nutrition. I was shocked by all the unfit participants and remember saying "I just thought everyone else was like us". The great thing about my mom is that she has a way of influencing you to exercise without you noticing that you are working; she has a young spirit that makes exercise fun. I am finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria and am excited to start working with my mom because I know I still can learn alot more from her!"

- Alysha Ulaszonek, Daughter, 26, Victoria

Sherry's classes are wonderful! We all love her fun loving, energetic yet professional approach to fitness and weight training. She is exceptionally qualified and knowledgeable and varies her class routines to make each work out unique and interesting. Sherry's non-threatening, relaxed studio environment provides a perfect atmosphere for people like me who do not want to join a gym and are tired of aerobic classes. I started resistance training after reading about the many benefits for women over 50. I was weak and overweight. After attending Sherry's group classes, I am stronger, have more energy and tone and I've lost weight. Every friend I have told about Sherry has joined her classes, and as of spring 2001, 15 of my friends have become her clients.
- Barb Eleworthy, Vancouver

*I have been coming to Sherry's for 1 1/2 yrs, 3x week. I love it! Sherry has strengthened my core muscles and greatly improved my upper body strength. This has really helped my running. Her classes are loaded with ball exercises, weights, cardio and FUN! She is extremely knowledgeable in giving each individual the training they need.
- Patti Scott-Moncrief, medical assistant, 57 yr, Saanichton

I have been to many aerobics classes and worked out in gyms for many years. Sherry’s classes
are the most fun and targeted classes I have ever experienced. They are fast paced, (very little down time), and fun. What I truly love is that her stations are extremely effective - they isolate the area you are working on and get to the heart of the matter quickly. I achieved results that I never believed possible. She also introduced me to many new exercises, like superman's, that feel so good you love doing them. Sherry changes her routine often so it is always fresh. It is also an environment where you feel very welcomed and comfortable, regardless of your fitness level.
- Wendy Floyd, Director of Sales and Marketing, Laurel Point Inn, Victoria

I did my own strength training program at home for 2 years. I felt fit, yet, it was only when I started working out with One to One Fitness that I started to see real results, and quickly, within a month. I am now able to push myself under the guidance of an expert.
- Janice Hannay: Plan Benefit Payments Officer, BC Pension Plan Corp, Victoria

" I have been working with Sherry and her One to One fitness group for over two years. I have found Sherry’s workouts to be fun and challenging. Sherry uses a wide variety of teaching techniques and methods, geared towards her client’s individual needs. Sherry has great energy and enthusiasm for her profession and it shows.”
- John Bennet, Vice President Sales and Marketing Mackenzie Financial, Vancouver

I LOVE the classes and I’m seeing results! I look forward to every session. Workouts are well planned, fast paced and always different. Intimidated by health clubs and tired of boot camps, the small class sizes and personalized attention at a reasonable price works for me! I want a Body By Sherry.
- Lynn Couvelier, Victoria

"Sherry is a superb Personal Trainer. In a group class she gives ample personal attention, while ensuring everyone is working hard and having fun too! Sherry's fitness expertise, combined with her unique teaching style and wonderful sense of humor, makes her classes unbeatable. By attending Sherry's classes on a regular basis you will notice terrific results.... such as more energy and a general sense of well-being. Don't walk, RUN to her classes!"
- Clare Contini: Development Officer, Festival Vancouver 44yr, Vancouver

Sherry's workouts are very fun and creative. She has an incredible amount of energy and is very motivational. She brought balance back to my body after years of bad training. I am now pain free thanks to Sherry.
- Simon Pshyr, age 30, yoga teacher, Victoria

Sherry's weight class has been both good for the soul as well as for the body. There has been laughter and fun, positive feedback, encouragement and valuable advise. After 6 months of attending 2x a week and getting over initial frustrations and fear of failure, I look forward to each class and will miss Sherry's instruction, awareness of individual needs and concern for the correct procedure. My introduction to a multi faceted free weight program through Sherry has made a difference to my body; I feel stronger and carry myself taller. This positive experience prompted me to further educate myself and become a trainer. I thank her.
- Ruth Johnson, age 28, marathoner, personal trainer and owner of Ruthless Fitness, Vancouver

Both Roxanne and I have received quick results with Sherry's weight training classes.
We experienced an increase in energy levels, stamina, physical confidence plus lessened feelings of anxiousness. We both have lost inches without dieting.

Roxanne and I believe that Sherry is an excellent role model as she mentors and coaches participants in teams and provides one on one attention. She knows every muscle in the body and is extremely knowledgeable about how the muscles and body works. She teaches how to maximize one's time in the weight training classes while preventing injuries when weight lifting. Sherry is a seasoned group facilitator, highly motivated and encourages participants "to push through" the difficult times or resistant times with gentleness, forthrightness, sincerity and friendliness. Sherry is un-pretentious.

Sherry's classes are affordable and take place in a lovely peaceful setting with plenty of flowers in and around her garden studio where the classes are held. Both Roxanne and I highly recommend Sherry's weight lifting classes.
- Helen Carter, (Rehabilitation Consultant, 54Yr, Victoria
- Roxanne Clarke, Hair Stylist, Victoria

"This is the best gift I have ever given myself - the gift of fitness. It didn't take long to see that Sherry is a well-experienced trainer with vast knowledge of the working of the anatomy and she really listens and personalizes exercises unique to each class participant. It's not only a good workout but is a social event that's lots of fun for young and old alike. A unique fitness experience that is a refreshing change from the large fitness clubs that are so impersonal and intimidating. "
- Eileen Coste: Employment Advisor, Vancouver Island Health Authority, 54yr

It was a happy accident that I discovered Sherry and strength training. My husband was interested in specific help to strengthen the muscles around his knee and I decided to join him at One to One as something we could do together. When I started weight training with Sherry, I was 20lbs overweight, loosing my battle with an encroaching matronly look and feeling out of shape even though I did regular aerobic exercise. Almost five months later, I've trimmed up quite a bit, am getting my figure back, have regained muscle tone and new muscle where I never had it before, like my inner thighs! The most surprising thing for me is that my balance is amazingly better and for the first time in my life I simply feel "put together". When I do other activities like biking or aerobics I have better stamina and enjoy doing them because of a new freedom of just having better ability in them. Thank you Sherry for helping me change my life and the way I feel about myself. –
- Regina Ternus, Registrar, Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Consultants, Victoria

I had knee surgery to correct torn cartilage and arthritis, and even though my knee was improved, I still didn't have the mobility I had before my injury. I joined One to One with Sherry to try to get back more mobility by strengthening the muscles around my knee. I am very pleased with my results. I no longer consider wearing the knee brace recommended by my physiotherapist and I can kneel and squat with ease. The best thing I've done for myself in a long time.
- Ken Ternus, Victoria

“I have had serious back pain for the past 3 years, I had worked out with various physio’s and doctors but it was not until I started training with Sherry that my pain started to finally subside. Sherry goes back to basics and really works your entire body. I always leave feeling great and it is a blessing my back pain has started to go away.”
- Karin Osberg, Marketing and Promotions, Victoria

“Sherry brings such enthusiasm and love to exercise that it inspires one to become all that one can be, not just to what your accustomed to being.”
-Dr. Lorna Popham, Psychologist, Victoria

“Training with Sherry, in just six weeks has created in me a leaner, stronger, fitter, more positive person. Thanks Sherry for helping me get back to what I once was, and am becoming again.”
- Derek Dashwood, Innkeeper, Victoria